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Eleven-year-old reads her pandemic poem

Help your students and young family members deal with their emotions during the pandemic by showing them eleven-year-old Madeline Housel’s reading of her poem “Feelings” from the international collection of pandemic/isolation verse, prose, and images Global Insides—the beginning. Madeline is an 11-year-old who attends the K12 International Academy. She enjoys writing poems and stories. She hopes to make a difference in the world. The text is below:


Fear grips my heart

Fear of a hospital cart

Carrying my loved ones away

These sad worry-filled days

Stay home Stay away

If you don’t, you’ll pay

The virus whispers every day

With this ocean of worry

And the waves of fear

I see my face covered with

many MANY tears

Here I am STUCK

Only fear and worry

Just my luck

I’m sad

I am mad


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