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The Third Book in the Series is Out!

Global insides—the vaccine, the third in the global insides series, is now available in paperback and digitally through Amazon. Share the global insides series with someone you know who

has been affected by the COVID pandemic. In the global insides series, people from over seventy-five countries share their thoughts, feelings, experiences, and insights during the COVID-19 pandemic through verse, prose, and images. Each book contains pieces from different phases of the pandemic. You might relate, or you might learn something new—be prepared to feel deeply as you delve into the insides of the artists, writers, students, doctors, nurses, businesspeople, retirees, and others who tell their tales in the global insides books. From births to dating to cooking to attending school to working to weddings to deaths and more, souls around the world open up about how the pandemic affected them, their families, their communities, and the world. Get your copy today.

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